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posted Dec 17, 2018, 4:40 AM by Bruce Fenstermacher
What?  Is this subject line a mistake?
This memo announces our first ever FEBRUARY CLUB MEETING PAPER PLANE CONTEST!
Thursday Feb. 14 2019 is the regularity scheduled club meeting evening but this one YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS!  This is your chance to fly your way into a FREE 2019 KRC membership simply by folding up some paper and launching your creation into “Longest Flight”!  (Our Treasurer Frank will have the dues prize in hand waiting for the winner to just show his AMA card!)
Rules are simple:  Fold up any paper you desire into a paper glider design of your choosing, bring it to the Feb 2019 meeting, and after the evening business ends the flying begins.  Basically you will want a design that flies longest within the confines of the meeting room.  (YUP – it’s a challenge – but someone has to win!)
ONLY paper can be used in the design except for tape, glue, and balancing weights if needed.  No wood, foam, plastic, carbon fiber, lighter-than-air substance, etc is allowed.  You can “roll your own design” or copy any of a blizzard of designs available on-line and / or in books – just Google “paper airplanes” and be whelmed!  (I was going to list some references but there are so many it was hard to choose – so just look for yourself!)
Remember – this is for a FREE 2019 club membership – that is a high value reward for just having some flying fun.  It’s obvious that you may want to play with some design variations in your living room or garage in preparation for the event.  Or, If you want to “size up” your design and flight technique in preparation, then bring your candidate craft to the Jan. meeting and check it out in situ after the meeting.  (Make it a Show & Tell demo in the actual room to scare everyone else into bettering their designs!)
Note this is a new, first ever,  club meeting activity and is not to be confused with the scheduled Jan. / Feb. indoor activity at Dock.
Bob Kopski