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Fun Fly Volunteers Are Needed

posted Apr 9, 2009, 7:29 AM by Phil Bianco

Thank you to all who have already volunteered.

Here is the updated sign up list.  We have the opening day fun fly covered & I will speak to John, Karl & Terry about supplies etc.
Mike Cross has volunteered to work either or May or June based on need.
I have not had any one else volunteer so I will now have to start asking. Please e-mail or call me so I do not have to ask.......
This year I will be looking to have 3 people sign up for each Fun Fly.  Those 3 can work out who gets the food and help get it to the event and of course cook.  This way no one person is stuck on the grill the whole time nor is one person stuck gathering everything needed.  The committee will coordinate what food we need as well as all supplies and we will take stock of what is left over to be used for the next Fun Fly to cut down on waste and try to be sure we have everything we need.
It has been discussed at the last meeting that we may do away with many of the Fun Fly events to promote more flying time.  If anyone would still like to have these events on a particular date, please let us know so we can discuss it. 

For September we are tentatively planning on another touch & go as many times in 2 minutes contest.  It went over well last year and everyone that can take off & land can participate.  Depending on how good your instructor on your buddy box is you might even win…..
Below are the dates for this years Fun Fly’s and who is already signed up for them.
April 19th – John Kennedy, Karl Miller, Terry Hannon       
May 17th – Kevin Kimmel, Rich Greenwood
June 14th – Tom Stoudt, Dick Byrnes
July 12th -- Ralph Purvis,
August 16th – Dave Satter, Jim Secrease
September 13th – Rob Sage, Don Haworth
October 11th –
We have 6 Fun Fly committee members and I believe most of them will take a date so I am looking for other club members to sign up.
Please e-mail me with your name, phone number & which Fun Fly date you are going to work.
Looking forward to a great flying season.
Rob Sage, 
215-920-5217 cell